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    Gansu Tengsheng agricultural product group to be established in 1998 . The company has total assets of 500 million yuan and more than 300 employees . Company is mainly engaged in local product and so on potato,vegetables buying and selling,maintains freshness,services and so on storage,potato's intensive processing and potato,vegetables improved variety cultivation.The company is located in the XinDian culture birthplace,Kangjiaai village Xindian town  Lintao county Gansu Province ,LanLin high speed,KangLin high-speed,212 federal highway and so on,a transportation hub in this intersection,convenient transportation and superior environment.There are three sub-companies under the group have been set up,namely: Gansu shujie starch limited company,the Kangsheng vegetables agriculture science and technology limited liability company,Tengsheng vegetables market service limited liability company.
    The company owns 25,000 tons potato fine starch production Line,5 tons modified starch production line,covers an area of 50 acres of vegetable wholesale market,China Merchants Building,warehouse building,large temperature gas adjustment storehouse,the trade of agricultural.products.electronic.settlement.system,agricultural.information.screen,agricultural information online inquiry system,potato cultivation centers and other ancillary facilities,in the domestic same industry leading position.Inside, 22 indexes of"Tengsheng Diao Chan" brand potato fine starch produced by Shujie starch are up to international standards,was named as the famous brand products in Gansu Province by the Bureau,Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province.At present,company have passed ISO9001:2000 certification,QS certification,HACCP certification and certification of green food.All kinds of vegetables and fruits,witch produced by vegetables production base was identified as green food by the green food office.
   The company collaborate with many domestic universities and research institutes,has established a cooperative relationship in potato fine starch,modified starch Etc,and in 2008 August set up a"Gansu province potato starch processing engineering technology research center",with the aid of talent advantage from scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning,increase project for and implementation efforts,has to assume the implementation of the national、provincial、municipal science and technology project more than ten column.
    According to the general development plan of Lintao county during the"Twelfth Five Year Plan",Group company as the basis,the planning and construction of an area of 2000 mu of KangJiaai agricultural and sideline products processing and logistics park,increase the intensity of investment,A set of building materials、textile、chemical、hardware,、daily necessities、agricultural and sideline products in one of the large modern logistics center,So as to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the local economy and the group company.
    The company always be in the fierce competition market frontier station,adhere to market-oriented,the reform as the main line,adhering to the people-oriented,pragmatic innovation,increase research investment,the construction of a resource-saving, environment-friendly modern circular economy industrial park,to strive to build a world-class brand tirelessly.
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